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Change as the Rule, Not Your Ruler

We must understand the new reality—change, change, change. But it doesn’t have to be your ruler. Instead, you can accept it and reap the benefits by embracing change as the rule.

In The Psychology of Winning, Denis Waitley reports that virtually all world-class winners have taken risks to achieve peak performance. Waitley’s extensive research of hundreds of corporations around the globe showed that one recurring principle stood out like a beacon: the world’s most successful people and organizations know how to use change for the better.

A few imperatives for success in this new work environment are obvious. Workers that don’t keep their skills up to date will find they have been pushed out of the labor force. It is also predicted that within the next ten years, and we see it now, the common notion of a full-time, permanent job will be obsolete. Employees will be hired on a temporary, contractual basis to work on projects and assignments until complete. Performance pay will virtually replace seniority.

Being aware of these trends and analyzing your ability to capitalize on your talents and expertise will position you to survive in the evident knowledge and performance-based economy. And you don’t have to choose the path of least resistance.

~thomas ogden

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