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Energize Through Rest

Have you ever watched a three-year-old? They never sit still. They dash from here to there, leaping over toys, their brothers and sisters, and ricocheting off walls. How many times do we wish we had that kind of energy? Often-used descriptors of our society are active, busy, driven, fatigued, tired, exhausted, burned-out, anxious and overloaded. But seldom do we hear our society described as “well rested.”

Most of us don’t shift down from overdrive when we need to. We are not wired to race at high speeds continuously—our engines will burn up. We need both emotional and physical rest.

One would think that with all of the advances, appliances, and conveniences, which the basics of running a business or your household should take less time and be less work. Not so. We forget that for every minute of time saved, our society offers hours of new activities, most of which do not emphasize our need to rest.

Physical rest and emotional rest go hand in hand for the experience of total health. However, our emotional rest is more important. We sometimes think that if we rest physically, emotional rest is a given. The stilling of outward activity does not ensure a natural quieting of inward, emotional activity. Our culture advertises, “You deserve the best.” Our advertising intentionally stimulates our discontent if we don’t reward ourselves with “what we truly deserve.“

Look closely at the time you spend in an attempt to find true rest. Sometimes we need to truly take the day off. Go fishing, go shopping, read a book by a babbling brook, fly a kite, take a walk, surprise a friend. It feels good.

~thomas ogden

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