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Relationships and Change—Take Advantage Now

As we know, change is the norm. It’s that way with relationships too. We in professional services, as I have said before, don’t have a product to sell. Our pen is not better than your pen. Our car is not faster than yours, nor prettier. So, what is it we need to pay attention to? It’s our relationships.

Some relationships deepen and mature; others grow distant. And that’s OK. We accept that everything is constantly changing; yet many refuse to change themselves. I’ve heard, “I know I can get more accomplished if I could only get organized and stay focused. But I’ll never do that because I’m just not wired that way.”

If you haven’t been able to change by now, you will never be able to. Right? Wrong!

Everything changes and so can you. Knock down the barrier and get your life moving in more positive, productive, and rewarding directions.

~thomas ogden

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